Here at Shvartsman Eyecare, P.C., we are proud to offer dry eye treatment for our patients.

Dry eye is caused by inflammation and can be exasperated by certain health conditions, environmental factors, and nutrition. Dr Shvartsman will work closely with you to determine the cause of your dry eye and came up with a customized treatment plan best suited for your individual needs.

To keep your eyes healthy, you need to have tears to provide moisture and lubrication. This is not only for your comfort but also for your vision. Tears are secreted by glands around your eyes. When you do not make enough tears, you have a condition called dry eye.

If necessary, we may also prescribe a medication for chronic dry eye. We may also talk to you about other medications and your nutrition. Many supplements have been helpful for patients with dry eye.

Dry Eye Questionare

If you have any question about dry eye or would like to be seen, please contact us today at (847) 423-2191.